Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Kosmos Brenner

The 1878 Ebenhard Kosmos Brenner - optical raygun prototype

This is the first more serious project i embarked upon about two years ago . A Steampunk raygun. Complete with Battery and protective glasses. It's made of brass, glass, and walnut for the handle, the box is dark stained oak with velvet lining.
I made it when I first found out about the steampunk genre. I love the combination of Victorian aesthetic and futuristic technology, and it was fun to design a gun. It's also made entirely of recycled materials, found in my dads workshop, old scrap piles or even dug out of the ground.
Although I'm a bit feed up with the Steam theme nowadays, I have one or two more older works that could fall under the genre.


  1. This is INCREDIBLE :P I found it on DeviantArt and had to follow the link :P Glad I did, because that box is stunning. I'm extreamly impressed on your distressing work. How did you make it so natural and gritty??

  2. Thanks! Im all self-taught and won't tell you all of my secret techniques... but it's mostly paint and water. The most important thing is to really look at old boxes and how wood ages then try to replicate it.

  3. That is awesome, I like these Steampunk rayguns, one day I'll give it a go.

    Something else to add to my "To Do" list!

  4. This is the most amazing raygun I've ever seen. Beats the hell out of Weta, and those are incredible. Fantastic work! Good luck in your career as a prop maker, and thank you for sharing all of these wonderful creations.

  5. This is so beautiful! I am dying to have something like this! One day, I will have that thing known as money, and be able to have things like this! I plan to have an entire Steampunk house one day!

    1. Thanks Laura! bah, you don't need money to have things like this, make it! Whatever scrap can turn into something great with enough time and thought put in it. Just have fun and learn along the way.