Saturday, 5 September 2009

Dracula, Strindberg and WW1

Ok, here comes some random stuff I made, It's a bit different from my usual works but I hope you find it interesting nonetheless.
The three first items was made as admission tests (not sure if that's the right word) for school.
A sculpted portrait of the vampire Dracula, and two of his belongings.

I based my Dracula design on how he is portrayed in Stokers book, with the rarely seen mustache.

This is a memorial altar to Draculas wife, containing a treasured hearlock, and a portrait.

And these are the sun-goggles of the Vampire lord, should he be forced to move around at daytime.

A Sculpted portrait of the famous Swedish writer August Strindberg, (just for fun!)

And last but not least a character for a WW1 Stop-Motion move I once planed to realise. Maybe some day...


  1. Thanks, I hope I can find time to make some new stuff soon, there's a lot going on right now...

  2. Those are all great! I really dig the glasses and the WWII character.

  3. All of it is great, but the Dracula stuff is amazingly true to the book.

  4. All of those pieces are amazing! Thank you for sharing your work with us.


  5. Great imagination, wonderfull manual talent. I really liked your work.