Sunday, 13 January 2013

Steampunk Freddy Krueger glove

Not every day you get the opportunity to make your very own version of the classic Freddy Krueger glove.
Very enjoyable project indeed.

I went for a gritty combo of horror and turn of the century technology, a bit more elaborate and refined then the original, but still with that "built by a madman" vibe.
 I imagine the wires would be connected to an external power-source to electrify the blades for extra spectacular effect.

Mainly made out of sheet brass, lots of bolts, my old glove and some madly sew together leather.

(Edit: added last picture with clockwork because, well... I added clockwork)


  1. Dude. I want this.

    1. how did you make them i need them for a cosplay costume and want to make them so please make a vid of how you made them

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, my email is in my profile, send me a message for further info.

    2. I gotta have one!!! Sick!!

  3. Cant you make a how to do video about these? I would love to make some for an event later this year, they would be so perfect!

  4. Great job!! I think I like it more than the original!

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