Thursday, 26 December 2013


Kung Fury is a shortfilm in the making by my friend David Sandberg. I'll let the trailer speak for itself.

I had a blast making some props for it. mainly the costume and hammer of Thor, the god of thunder.

 Some quick sketches of the Thor costume.

I made two viking helmets for the film both based on cheap plastic helmets, I bulked Thor's helmet out with foam and cardboard, details where made in sculpey and  decorative pins. The whole thing was finished with filler, sanded and lastly cover with a layer of resin plastic for strength.


The helmet was spray painted with a bronze base,  and lightly with gold spray. The final patina was added by hand in several layers. The feathers on the wings are cardboard covered with a layer of plastic, surprisingly strong.

 The hammer was done with foam and MDF board. 

Finished costume (and excellent actor)-


  1. Beautiful props (love the moustache eye-pieces in the early version too) and the best trailer I think I have ever seen!

  2. This segment in the trailer is what hooked me. Well done. Very well done.

  3. Even with a girdle of strength. Very nice. (I don't suppose you know if there was any chance at all his beard might've been red. Even kind of grey-and-red? Well, not your fault at all. Very nice work. Sequel? Any chance? You could make fun of...the 90s! Yes! Or just....keep the whole thing in a 1940s Diesel-punked dystopia where more NAZIs with silly mustaches got killed. It's not as if I wouldn't pay to see that. Anyway. Great prop/costume work, really.