Friday, 10 July 2009

The smallest man

The embalmed body of the smallest man who ever lived, enshrined in a decorative case of painted wood, walnut and glass. Merrick & Hertz freakshow USA - 1912

Sorry for the delay but I've been very busy. This one was great fun to make, and took many turns and twists during the process, I particularity enjoyed using some colours for a change and do some decorative painting, sewing a tiny, tiny suit was less amusing.... But the end result is one of my favourites so far.
the whole shrine measures 13,5x16 Inches (34x41cm)


  1. I *love* your work. It's just wonderful. I've spent much of the evening looking at it - thanks for making and sharing such wonderful things!
    Is this piece made out of a paper towel holder? Where do you find such beautiful cabinets and boxes?

  2. Thank you, all boxes and cabinets are made by me, I'm a educated furniture carpenter and lucky enough have many woodworking machines. I try to avoid using pre-fabricated parts as much as possible.
    Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Once again you have created a masterpiece of the macabre. I am astounded by your work and in awe.

    Please don't stop.