Monday, 27 July 2009

Swedish Hustomte

The Naturally mummified body of a swedish "Hustomte" or housegnome. dated 1866.

Yes, it's another tiny dead man! Hustomten comes from scandinavian folklore and is a gnome that is said help the farmer and cares for the lifestock, he has a fierce temperament and is very traditional. If he gets upset he will bring misery to the household.
It's been some time since i made this, but I still like it alot, It was fun to make something based on the folklore from my own country. the whole box measures - 27cm/10.6 inches.

The label reads- "This litte housegnome was found by my father, Jan Peter Peterson, in the winter of 1866 inside the old barn wall. He was already lifeless."


  1. This is just awsome! I really liked to know, how you built this. :)

  2. very nice! I really like your work!

  3. Your work makes me very gleeful!!! I can imagine this little fella lurking in the pines!

  4. OMGosh.... I love him!! My Grandma and Grandpa came over here to the USA and settled in Oakland, NE. One in 1916 and the other in 1919, so I am very interested in Swedish stuff to begin with. This is just awesome... I saw this little guy on fb and fell in love!

  5. I live in Sweden. and finding dead house gnomes (hustomtar) in old farm steads is not that uncommon. You certainly don´t have to "build" them if you want one. If you and your family are sadly lacking in old farm steads, you can usually by one at "Lauritz", (the swedish equivalent to e-bay) for a reasonable price. The ugly little things aren´t that much in demand.