Friday, 14 August 2009

Memento Mori Music box

The tune is Charles Gounod's "Funeral march for a marionette"

This is one of my latest projects, It's actually a combination of many different ideas i had, I wanted to make something that was slightly paradoxical, macabre and beautiful at the same time, surreal and realistic. A blind dance of death and dreams. And the classical Memento Mori theme.
The Idea of making a music box really appealed to me, to speak to the ears and not only the eyes.

It's made up of all kinds of materials, wood, plaster, cardboard and clay, to mention a few. The feet are real skeleton from a row-deer and the skull is from a small bird. the style borrows both from rococo, art nouveau and a lot from my own mind of course.


  1. This is amazing. I would love to have a piece of your work. All of it that I've seen so far just really catches my interest. Everything you do is something that I'd like to look at and admire everyday. In fact, I check your website here quite frequently to see if there is anything new! Keep up the stunning work.

  2. Many thanks! I'm a little too attached to these things to sell them I'm afraid. But I have done commissioned works before, drop me a email if you're interested in that. Although things are a bit hectic here right now, and I'm in the middle of a move so it will probably take a while before I get up and running again.

  3. Did you make the barrel for the music box or could you buy that song? I've been planning a music box for a while now, but I'll have to 'write' the song out in sheet metal, and i'm not sure how!

    1. I bought it from a company in New Mexico, don't remember the name. But you can probably find it with a bit of Googlig.