Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Deus ex Arca

Salesman's box for genetically engineered pets, Rigor Weertman & Sons, The Cristogonus Corperation.

This one is a bit special, not only because it took very long to make and is the biggest thing I've made, but it's also the only piece that isn't based on history, but rather on a future to come, or an alternative reality..

It's made to both be serious and have a dark sense of humor. The box includes - Two taxidermy specimens, A fetus in the making (for demonstration purposes), a small lamp that folds up, ordering forms, eye and fur samples etc.


  1. This is amazingly beautiful, I love the mix of the sort of happy cartoonist eyes and the macabre sense of genetically engineering your own pet...amazing!! I am such a fan of your artwork.

    Also, the fetus and the apparatus around it is really convincing, is that old medical tubing? And how do you age the papers once you paste them onto the box? I have to know! ;D


  2. Thank you Holly, that's exactly the sense I wanted to achieve! the tubing on the "Womb" apparatus Is actually bicycle valve tubing.

    Most of the overall ageing on the paper where done before gluing them to the box, mostly with water and brown paint, afterwards I use a higher consertration of paint in the water and use it for more precise appliance at edges and at random spots. It's mostly about taking time, and common sense to make it look natural.

    Hope I answered your questions! thanks again!

  3. Jacob, this is absolutely wonderful!! I love old arcana medical kits and this has given me a whole new perspective on them! I now know that I must not collect the usual but instead the even more unusual.

    You have captured ever inch of this kit with details that makes me want to keep finding more. Love it!

  4. Thanks Kimily, I'm a fan of old medical kits myself.

  5. Just FA-BU-LOUS ! Wahhhhaaaa !