Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Lutin

Following the death of François de la Motte, Baron d'Aulnoy a curious entry appears in the house inventory- item nr 1443, a preserved "Lutin" under blown glass dome. 
The item was presumably donated to the curiosity cabinet of king Louis XIV. It disappeared however, during the turbulence of the revolution and the current whereabouts of the Lutin d'Aulnoy remain unknown.  

An ordinary hovering french gnome-mummy, a Lutin to be precise. This was a commissioned project and I can't take credit for the idea. 
Starting to accumulate a little collection of fae folk here, I like it, They are very fun to do. (Reminder to self- get better camera.)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Girl & The Siren

Me and my friend Cristoffer Ålund worked on this stopmotion short for almost a year, an insane amount of work went into making it, big thanks  again to everyone in the credits, it was a fantastic project.

Now it's available for everyone, enjoy!

The girl & the Siren from Jakob Arevärn on Vimeo.