Friday, 9 May 2014

The Redcap of Balwearie Castle

Thady Langan, son of Patrick Langan, stood alone among the ruins of  old Balwearie castle. He imagined himself a king, with servants and meals with roast pheasant and honey. The air was still and damp with mist.
 There was a sudden sound of heavy iron-shod boots on the broken-up stone floor. Thady Langan turned his head in fright for he knew the tales of Prowies and Dunters. A small creature, no higher then a foot stood before him, black eyes and sharp teeth gleaming under the red cap. Thady laughed, pointing his stick sword at it, "Be gone, least I take you home and feed you to the dogs little goblin man!" Those were the last words of Thady Langan son of Patrick Langan.


You might remember the mummified Redcap I made some years ago- Here. It was great to get the opportunity to make a live one this time. Especially with this level of exposed flesh and anatomical correctness. He is sculpted in Supersculpey and painted with a mix of thin airbrush coats and by hand. I wanted him to be evil and wild, a bloodthirsty ugly little goblin, his clothes crudely sewn together trophies from his unfortunate victims. His red hat rotting with centuries of dried blood.