Thursday, 22 December 2011

Common Swedish Mole-Gnome

The Common Swedish Mole-Gnome is most often found on the island of Gotland in southern Sweden, where the islanders commonly know them as "Di sma undir jordi" or "the little ones under the earth" In difference to the House gnome, the Mole-gnome shun all humans and live in complex underground tunnels. Carl Linnaeus notes in his "Om Svearikes oknytt och småfolk" that a ancient rivalry exists between the two types of gnome.

This was little guy was fun to do, I thought it was about time to try and make something that wasn't mummified or dead in any other form.
 I used what material i had at hand. the flesh parts where sculpted in i Super Sculpey and painted with several thin layers of paint.
Nails and teeth where where made of plastic and the clothing was made from some leather scraps and an old sock. His boots partly consist of paper from an old prayer book. and is cap is an old brass lamp fitting. He was mounted in a glassed box but it proved impossible to get a good photo of it with reflections and bad lightning.
He was given as a Christmas present and from what i heard he was appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Girl And The Siren

After almost a year of hard work we are almost finished with our stopmotion film, just a few post-production tweeks left. We hope to have the premier at Gothenburg filmfestival in Febuary. A big thanks goes out to the awesome people who took part in the making of this 17minute saga!

Jakob Arevärn-
Ludvig Orvegård-
Anneli Larsson-
Audio Alliance-

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Se Teaser trailer below!

Flickan & Sirenen Teaser ( The Girl & the Siren Teaser) from Jakob Arevärn on Vimeo.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Been busy...

Sorry for not updating this blog for such a long time, but making a stop-motion movie is quite an undertaking, we're about half way trough now so I think it would be in order to show some stills.

I'm very pleased with the overall design and feel we managed to capture. The hard thing is to keep motivation up when you're working 10-15 hour a day 7 days of the week...

I also have some vampire hunting accessories in the making, but more on that later...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Heavy- Music video

Before Christmas I made the props for Lauri Ylönen's (known from The Rasmus) newly released music video.

The props included a crazy one-man-band rig, a periscope, a hand puppet, a cage, a window, puppet hatching form an egg... I hope for more crazy work like this in the future.
The shoot was great fun too, despite having the occasional cockroach crawling up my arm.
I even did a bit of puppeteering.

Thanks to director Owe Lingvall and good luck to Lauri with his solo career!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stop-motion time!

I have just started my examination project at school. Together with production Design student Cristoffer Ålund I will be making a one-of-a-kind stopmotion film. It's gonna be a lot of work and a lot of fun, as per usual... follow the process on this blog

Friday, 14 January 2011

Metropolis firefighter helmet

A school project done over a year ago now, finally come around to post some pics...
I wanted to do a non military helmet in an Art Deco, Metropolis style. the base of it is made from a heat-and-shape sheet material called Airex. The helmet was used in this music vid too- Hope you like!